The New Zealand Tree Register (NZTR) holds detailed information on notable trees in New Zealand.

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  • OR/1714: - 2 days ago - Dacrydium cupressinum - a 227 point tree off Blueskin Rd, Port Chalmers
  • WCR/1709: - 4 days ago - Prumnopitys ferruginea - large miro 1.3m diameter Lake Brunner Reserve
  • WCR/1711: - 4 days ago - Prumnopitys taxifolia - 2.2m Diameter matai, Lake Brunner Reserve
  • NNR/0085: - 33 days ago - Sequoiadendron giganteum - at Isel Park, planted 1856. Updated measurements
  • NNR/0086: - 33 days ago - Ilex aquifolium - 162 years old at Isel Park, undated measurements
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