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Tree Information x

Identifier: MR/G0930
Historical Reg No: 206
Tree Type: Group
Registered By: Elwood-Smith, A.
Registration Category: Historic tree/s – Local interest
General Notes:
'The 59 trees in this registration, have a spread of 6-15.00m. and a girth of between 1.75-3.75m. These Norfolk pines line the seaward side of the Esplanade. Mr W. Cook planted the first trees in 1900. There were further plantings in 1906 by Mesdames Washington and McFarlane. In 1908, the council voted ten pounds sterling to plant more trees beside Takahanga Domain. In 1912, Kaikoura High School planted a further six trees in memory of Captain Scott and his party, who died near the South Pole'. Elwood-Smith 1991. Reference. Burstall SW. FM Report no.21. 1974; p.15.
The largest tree in the avenue is located near the memorial gardens CR/0948 (Cadwallader 2011).
In May 1937, 25 further trees were planted by the Chairman and members of the County Council to celebrate the coronation of King George VI (Cadwallader, 2023) ref. The Royal Record, pub. 1939, page 433.
Many of the trees in avenue are being damaged by vandals placing road cones on the tops.
CONING CRAZE CONTINUES IN KAIKOURA The Marlborough Express Pining for days of coneless trees 8 February, 2012
Marlborough Express Cone prank a risk to trees health 8 March, 2012.

Group Details

Group Type: Single species
Feature Tree Genus: Araucaria
Feature Tree Species: heterophylla
Feature Tree Common Names: Norfolk Island pine,
QE II Covenanted: No
NZ Indigenous Bush type: Default Value
Actual Planting Date: 1900
Approx. Planting Date:
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: 124 years
Tree Health Description: Many of the trees appear affected by herbicide use (Jan 2024).
Local Protection Status: Yes
Tree Present: Yes
Number of Trees: 59
Area Covered: (not known)
Group of Tree Type: Avenue


Date Observer Action
22 Jan 2024 Cadwallader, B.G.
10 Dec 2011 Cadwallader, B.G.
01 Jan 1991 Elwood-Smith, A.


Lat/Long: -42.405333388084 / 173.68425607681274
Location Name:
Address: The Esplanade
City/Town: Kaikoura
Region: Marlborough
Location Description: Located on the seaward side along Esplanade Drive.
Public Accessibility: Road Reserve
Local Authority: Kaikoura District Council


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BGC 10 Dec 2011
BGC 10 Dec 2011
BGC 10 Dec 2011
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