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Tree Information x

Identifier: AR/G0914
Historical Reg No: 185
Tree Type: Group
Registered By: Hutchinson, M. & Adam, J.
Registration Category: Notable tree/s – Local interest
General Notes:
Update: Eight Algerian Oaks remain. Heights range from 21.2 to 15.6m in height and 1.40m to 0.72m DBH. Seven are in poor health with considerable die-back.
Four English oak are in the reserve as well. Heights range from 10.6 to 2.5m and 0.18 to 0.04m DBH. (Barton, S. pers.comm by email 26.3.18).

There are nine trees in this avenue . The dimensions range from 9.9m. to 21.7m. in height and girth at from 2.1m. to 4.2m. They are of note botanically and have historical importance as being an early forestry planting on the northern shore of the Waitemata Harbour. They are also associated with the early landowners Rev. Charles Frederick and Mrs. Hannah Baker, both missionaries circa 1880 (Adam 1989).

Group Details

Group Type: Single species
Feature Tree Genus: Quercus
Feature Tree Species: canariensis
Feature Tree Common Names: Algerian oak, Mirbeck's oak
QE II Covenanted: No
NZ Indigenous Bush type: Default Value
Actual Planting Date: 1880
Approx. Planting Date:
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: 144 years
Tree Health Description: Seven are in poor health with considerable die-back.
Local Protection Status: Unknown
Tree Present: Yes
Number of Trees: 8
Area Covered: (not known)
Group of Tree Type: Avenue


Date Observer Action
26 Mar 2018 Barton, S.
01 Jan 1989 Hutchinson, M. & Adam, J.


Lat/Long: -36.81422372031076 / 174.71983551979065
Location Name: Recreation Reserve
Address: Holyoake Place
Suburb: Birkenhead
City/Town: Auckland
Region: Auckland
Location Description: On a traffic Island in the centre of the road
Public Accessibility: Local Council Park
Local Authority: Auckland Council


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