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Tree Information x

Identifier: BPR/0423
Historical Reg No: 256
Tree Type: Single
Registered By: Hart, R.W.
Registration Category: Notable tree – National interest
General Notes:
This very large old tree is the last remaining pre-European pōhutukawa on the Mt Maunganui ‘sand bar’ and has local Ngäi Te Rangi iwi significance. It has been reported that in the early days of settlement, several skeletons of pre-European origin were located at the tree's base in a kneeling ceremonial position. Māori leader Kihi Ngatai (Ngai Te Rangi) was quoted in the Bay of Plenty Times that during Cyclone Bola several of the branches broke off and that local Māori would not allow council to cut the tree, as the deceased were once hung from the branches until they decomposed. Their bones were then buried underneath it.

Tauranga District Council has gone to great lengths to manage and preserve the tree over the years. In about 1990, the tree had a major ‘split out’ failure which resulted in a propping system being installed to stabilise the remaining tree.

In about 1993, the Specimen Tree Company of Auckland obtained propagation material to maintain this historic tree (Gordon Ikin, pers. comm.).

Cutting-raised material is still available at Lyndale Nurseries (online catalogue, 2010).

See notes for Registration no.392. Reference. Burstall SW & Sale EV. 'Great Trees of New Zealand' 1984; p.98.

Single Tree Details

Genus: Metrosideros
Species: excelsa ‘Mt Maunganui’
Common names: Mt Maunganui pohutukawa,
Given Name: Pitau Road Pōhutukawa
Height: 16.00m
Height measurement method: Nikon Forestry Pro
Height Comments: (none)
Girth: 1445 cm
Girth measurement height: 0 m
Girth Comments: This includes all the stems, taken at ground level.
Diameter: 460 cm
Crown Spread A: 46.00m
Crown Spread B: 30.00m
Avg. Crown Spread: 38.00m
Actual Planting Date: actual date not specified
Approx. Planting Date:
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: not known years
Tree Health Description: In good health. 2010
Tree Form Type: Multi-trunk
Number of Trunks: 3
Tree Form Comments: The tree lays along the ground assisted by various props to stabilise the canopy.
Champion Tree Score: 0
Local Protection Status: Yes
Tree Present: Yes
STEM Score: 282


Date Observer Action
18 May 2023 Kenny, P.
27 Oct 2006 Sale, P.O.
01 Apr 1987 Hart, R.W.


Lat/Long: -37.64120145800136 / 176.18613481521606
Location Name: Tree Reserve
Address: 24 Pitau Road
Suburb: Mount Maunganui
City/Town: Tauranga
Region: Bay of Plenty - Central Plateau
Location Description: The tree dominates the reserve.
Public Accessibility: Local Council Park
Local Authority: Tauranga City Council


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