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Tree Information x

Identifier: MWR/G1905
Tree Type: Group
Registered By: Lloyd, M.
Registration Category: Notable tree – National interest
General Notes:
Levin had a cenotaph as a World War One memorial in 1923, and the Soldiers’ cemetery where these 8 Phoenix palms are found was planned as early as 1945[1]. From the photo of a 1969 Anzac day ceremony, where a 3 metre high Phoenix palm can be seen, a planting date of circa 1959 seems likely. The association between war memorials and Phoenix palms is well known, however, this group is significant as the palms are the sole planting in the soldiers’ cemetery, which also functions as an Anzac ceremony site (see photos). Historical scholarship has suggested that palms symbolise both victory and matyrdom, and whereas this may be sound, the photos show that it is the verticality and sentinel-like nature of the palms that makes them so functional in such a memorial setting. The planting is well-designed with a very symmetrical placement of the palms around the memorial flagpole (Lloyd, M., 2023) .
1. ‘Soldiers’ cemetery’, Opotiki News, 12 October, 1945, p. 2

Group Details

Group Type: Single species
Feature Tree Genus: Phoenix
Feature Tree Species: canariensis
Feature Tree Common Names: Canary Island date palm, phoenix palm
QE II Covenanted: No
NZ Indigenous Bush type: Default Value
Actual Planting Date: actual date not specified
Approx. Planting Date: circa 1959
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: 65 years
Tree Health Description: excellent
Local Protection Status: No
Tree Present: Yes
Number of Trees: 8
Area Covered: 75 metres
Group of Tree Type: Amenity Planting


Date Observer Action
13 Aug 2023 Lloyd, M.


Lat/Long: -40.624272454429374 / 175.2703987360001
Location Name: Old Levin Cemetery
Address: Tiro Tiro Road
City/Town: Levin
Region: Manawatu
Location Description: Soldiers' section of the Old cemetery, clearly marked off.
Public Accessibility: Church-Cemetery
Local Authority: Horowhenua District Council


Preview Credit Date
Michael Lloyd 19 Jun 2023
Michael Lloyd 19 Jun 2023
Horowhenua Historical Society Inc 08 Aug 2010
Horowhenua Historical Society Inc 13 Aug 1969
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