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Tree Information x

Identifier: CR/G1495
Tree Type: Group
Registered By: Cadwallader, B.G.
Registration Category: Notable tree/s – Local interest
General Notes:
The effects of the famed wind at this location can be clearly seen in the wind sculpted tops of the trees. From the early 1860's the owners of The Point Station have had a love affair with trees. No doubt the initial attraction was borne from the need to provide shelter from the famed winds that inspires the name of the small community here.
Tree planting started in 1866, four years after the land was purchased by Tom Phillips. The lasting legacy of those early plantings now provides the backbone to allow fourth generation descendants Steve and Teena Richards to add many new trees and continue the family passion.
The majority of the early plantings largely comprise macrocarpa, giant sequoia, radiata and ponderosa pine. In the lee of these conifer groves rests the original homestead along with a broad mix of deciduous trees, rhododendron and other plantings (Cadwallader B.G., 2018).

Group Details

Group Type: Mixed species
Feature Tree Genus: Pinus
Feature Tree Species: ponderosa
Feature Tree Common Names: ponderosa pine,
Additional Feature Tree Genus: Eucalyptus
Additional Feature Tree Common names: mountain ash, swamp gum
Additional Feature Tree Species: regnans
QE II Covenanted: No
NZ Indigenous Bush type: Default Value
Actual Planting Date: actual date not specified
Approx. Planting Date: c1870
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: 154 years
Tree Health Description: (none)
Local Protection Status: No
Tree Present: Yes
Number of Trees: 1000
Area Covered: (none)
Group of Tree Type: Amenity Planting


Date Observer Action
12 Nov 2018 Cadwallader, B.G.


Lat/Long: -43.506252 / 171.712719
Location Name: The Point Station
Address: 85 Point Road
City/Town: Windwhistle
Region: Canterbury
Location Description: At the end of a long drive off Windwhistle Road
Public Accessibility: Farmland
Local Authority: Selwyn District Council


Preview Credit Date
Brad Cadwallader 11 Nov 2018
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