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Tree Information x

Identifier: NR/1365
Tree Type: Single
Registered By: Smillie, M.J.
Registration Category: Notable tree – National interest
General Notes:
Rakaunui was the 4th largest tree in the Omahuta kauri sanctuary when it was formed in 1951, but is now the 2nd largest tree, after Hokianga (NR/0803), since the fall of the Kopi and Taniwha trees. The neighbouring lower Ngatuahine "Sister" tree has also recently fallen, clearing out some of the forest in front of Rakaunui, providing an impressive view of the tree, but exposing it to further risk of wind-throw.

The name of the tree is a back-translation of "rākau nui", or "big tree". "Rākaunui" in Te Reo actually translates to "full moon".

The girth of the tree was not directly measured, to protect the delicate shallow feeding roots of the kauri and to reduce the risk of contamination by Kauri die-back disease. The 1971 New Zealand Forest Service measurement, reported by Sale, was used.

[Smillie 2016]

Reference: E. V. Sale, Quest for the Kauri, 1978.

Single Tree Details

Genus: Agathis
Species: australis
Common names: kauri,
Given Name: Rakaunui
Height: 49.00m
Height measurement method: Laser Nikon Forestry 550
Height Comments: Highest top was dead wood. Highest live foliage was at 47 m.
Girth: 861 cm
Girth measurement height: 1.37 m
Girth Comments: Taken from 1971 measurements
Diameter: 274.1 cm
Crown Spread A: 23.50m
Crown Spread B: 23.50m
Avg. Crown Spread: 23.50m
Actual Planting Date: actual date not specified
Approx. Planting Date:
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: not known years
Tree Health Description: Significant dead wood in the crown shows that the tree is in decline.
Tree Form Type: Single Trunk
Number of Trunks: 1
Tree Form Comments: Tall 22 m bole with noticeable spiral fluting
Champion Tree Score: 519
Local Protection Status: Yes
Tree Present: Yes
STEM Score: 0


Date Observer Action
23 Apr 2016 Smillie, M.J.


Lat/Long: -35.23954980441057 / 173.62741508469844
Location Name: Omahuta Forest
Address: Sanctuary Road
City/Town: Mangamuka
Region: Northland
Location Description: The sanctuary is reached by a narrow unsealed road from SH1 a few kilometres south of Mangamuka. It is very important that footwear is clean and disinfected and to keep to the walking track at all times. Kauri have very sensitive surface roots, and foot traffic around the trees endangers their life span and may potentially spread the PTA disease that is threatening them. The track around the sanctuary runs right past the tree.
Public Accessibility: Department of Conservation
Local Authority: Far North District Council


Preview Credit Date
Matt Smillie 23 Apr 2016
Matt Smillie 23 Apr 2016
Matt Smillie 23 Apr 2016
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