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Tree Information x

Identifier: AR/1329
Tree Type: Single
Registered By: Smith, J.E.
Registration Category: Historic tree/s – Local interest
General Notes:
One of the original Eucalyptus tree planted by the first settlers to the Auckland Area. It is thought to have been planted either by Rev. James Hamlin in 1836[1] or most probably by Thomas Coulthard in 1865[2].
It has been recorded over the years in many historical records of heritage trees as an unidentified gum but was identified as a Messmate Stringybark in 1989[3].
The tree was pruned to remove deadwood and hangers ten years ago and it was in very good health at the time. More recently it has been topped for supposed safety reasons and a new house built inside the drip-line of the tree. A large amount of epicormic growth has grown as result of this poor pruning (Smith, J.E. 2015)
1) Great Trees of New Zealand, S.W. Burstall & E.V. Sale, 1984 page 32.
2) Orua Saga, Coulthard. J.E., 1963 page 81. Orua Bay's pioneer history.
3) Eucalyptus in Auckland II, R.O. Gardener. Auckland Botanical Society Vol. 44, 1989, pp. 43-48

Single Tree Details

Genus: Eucalyptus
Species: obliqua
Common names: Messmate stringybark, messmate
Height: 24.80m
Height measurement method: Climb & Tape Drop
Height Comments: Measured from top of dead limb.. a topped pruning cut..
Girth: 930 cm
Girth measurement height: 1 m
Girth Comments: At narrowest point
Diameter: 296 cm
Crown Spread A: 9.10m
Crown Spread B: 18.80m
Avg. Crown Spread: 13.95m
Actual Planting Date: actual date not specified
Approx. Planting Date: c1865
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: 159 years
Tree Health Description: has been severely topped resulting in a large amount of epicormic growth
Tree Form Type: Multi-trunk
Number of Trunks: 2
Tree Form Comments: solid single stem with a second smaller leader that has influenced girth size.
Champion Tree Score: 0
Local Protection Status: Yes
Tree Present: Yes
STEM Score: 0


Date Observer Action
13 Jul 2015 Smith, J.E.
23 Aug 2003 Wilcox, M. & Aspin, T.


Lat/Long: -37.04915885053734 / 174.60574762064743
Location Name: Orua Bay
Address: 25K Orua Bay Beach Road
Suburb: Orua Bay
City/Town: Manukau Heads
Region: Auckland
Location Description: Between new house and old homestead 20 metres from high tide mark.
Public Accessibility: Private-Garden
Local Authority: Auckland Council


Preview Credit Date
Johno Smith 13 Jul 2015
Johno Smith 13 Jul 2015
Mike Wilcox 23 Aug 2003
Mike Wilcox 23 Aug 2003
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