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Tree Information x

Identifier: NR/1281
Tree Type: Single
Registered By: Waddell, P. J.
Registration Category: Notable tree – International interest
General Notes:
Te Tangi o te Tui (the cry of the Tui) is recognised as the fourth largest kauri (by millable timber volume) by the ex NZ Forest Service and now by the Department of Conservation list of giant kauri. It is the largest known kauri tree outside of Waipoua Forest.

It was feature tree number 5 in Burstall and Sale's 1984 book, 'Great Trees of New Zealand', and again in Halkett and Sale's 1986 book, 'The World of the Kauri'.

The trees current condition is a concern, with indications near it and in nearby areas of Puketi forest that DOC is not doing enough to protect such internationally recognised taonga (treasures). This includes appropriate protections against the spread of PTA, including pig control and mitigating the effects of public visitation (Waddell, P.J. 2015).
New Zealand Arboricultural Association Inc. Tree Matters, Edition 65, Autumn 2015, Vol. 17: Issue 1, pp. 6-8.

Single Tree Details

Genus: Agathis
Species: australis
Common names: kauri,
Given Name: Te Tangi o te Tui
Height: 45.00m
Height measurement method: Laser Nikon Forestry 550
Height Comments: Maximum height measured on dead branches. Highest living foliage ~35m
Girth: 1275 cm
Girth measurement height: 1.4 m
Girth Comments: True ground height is hard to estimate with many kauri. There is not much taper above this point, and about 0.5 m below there is a large root bulge pushing out. Crown spread is a guesstimate.
Diameter: 405.8 cm
Crown Spread A: 35.00m
Crown Spread B: 35.00m
Avg. Crown Spread: 35.00m
Actual Planting Date: actual date not specified
Approx. Planting Date:
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: not known years
Tree Health Description: Most of upper crown is dead, serious root damage due to a track crossing its roots, bracket fungus of unknown impact. Some lower foliage looks fine.
Tree Form Type: Single Trunk
Number of Trunks: 1
Tree Form Comments: Before crown die-back this tree would have had one of the best crowns of any recent kauri.
Champion Tree Score: 678
Local Protection Status: Yes
Tree Present: Yes
STEM Score: 0


Date Observer Action
03 Aug 2014 Waddell, P. J.


Lat/Long: -35.21175632576522 / 173.79276839923864
Location Name: Puketi Forest
Address: Waiare Road
City/Town: Puketi
Region: Northland
Location Description: A large indigenous forest with some of the best old growth kauri forest left. At extreme danger of PTA infection. All footwear must be spotless before entering this forest. Map marker shows the park entrance. The track to Te Tangi o te Tui is closed.
Public Accessibility: Department of Conservation
Local Authority: Northland Regional Council


Preview Credit Date
Peter Waddell 03 Aug 2014
Peter Waddell 03 Aug 2014
Peter Waddell 03 Aug 2014
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