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Tree Information x

Identifier: AR/1147
Tree Type: Single
Registered By: VanWijngaarden, R.
Registration Category: Notable tree/s – Local interest
General Notes:

One of two very tall Norfolk Island pines planted at the eastern end of the Mappin Lawn. It is understood that Heather planted these trees to commemorate the wedding of his daughter just after the turn of the century. Please see record AR/G1141 for expanded notes about the history of the site. (VanWijngaarden, R. 2013)

Single Tree Details

Genus: Araucaria
Species: heterophylla
Common names: Norfolk Island pine,
Height: 42.00m
Height measurement method: Clinometer
Height Comments: This height measurement is an average of several clinometer readings.
Girth: 517 cm
Girth measurement height: 1.4 m
Girth Comments: (none)
Diameter: 164.6 cm
Crown Spread A: 20.00m
Crown Spread B: 19.00m
Avg. Crown Spread: 19.50m
Actual Planting Date: actual date not specified
Approx. Planting Date: circa 1900
e.g. circa. 1860
Current Age: 124 years
Tree Health Description: This tree is the slightly more healthy of the two trees. It's crown is more full and it has sustained less wind damage over the years. It may have been protected, somewhat, by its neighbour.
Tree Form Type: Single Trunk
Number of Trunks: 1
Tree Form Comments: One central leader
Champion Tree Score: 357
Local Protection Status: No
Tree Present: Yes
STEM Score: 0


Date Observer Action
21 Aug 2013 VanWijngaarden, R.


Lat/Long: -36.87516642942517 / 174.76951003074646
Location Name: Government House Auckland
Address: 14 Glenfell Place
Suburb: Mt. Eden
City/Town: Auckland
Region: Auckland
Location Description: This tree can be found at the eastern end of the Mappin Lawn, near the flagpole.
Public Accessibility: Private-Garden
Local Authority: Auckland Council


Preview Credit Date
Russell VanWijngaarden 21 Aug 2013
Russell VanWijngaarden 21 Aug 2013
Russell VanWijngaarden 21 Aug 2013
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